Brighten your door for Spring with a beautiful, living Spring Wreath!

Created on a natural moss base, the Spring Wreath includes flowering bulbs, rooted Spring plants, seasonal blooms and foliage that allow you to enjoy your wreath for longer.


Available in 2 sizes - Medium or Large*

Local collection or UK Mainland delivery only


*Medium uses a 10" base - approx finished size 14"; Large uses a 12" base - approx finished size 18"

Spring Wreath

PriceFrom £55.00
  • Your wreath will be made using a reusable moss base, and will include rooted plants. To ensure your wreath looks its best, and to prolong longevity, keep the moss base damp. Dependant on local weather conditions, you may need to water frequently in dry, sunny spells. 

    The wreath is made to be hung outside, preferably in a sheltered place. Wreaths displayed inside will dry out much quicker, and therefore will not last as long.

    To water your wreath, lay down flat on a suitable surface, and gently water from above until the moss is fully soaked. Leave to drain, before drying the back of the wreath and hang back up to enjoy. 

    After use, carefully remove any decayed plant material. The bulbs and plants can be removed and replanted, and the moss base recycled by removing the plastic backing and wire frame. Alternatively, allow the moss base to dry out naturally, before resoaking and using for your Autumn wreath!