Introducing 'Grace'...


The delicate 'Grace' bouquet features exquisite blush pink, lilac and soft white seasonal British blooms such as anemones, tulips and ranunculus - all beautifully wrapped in rose pink and gold recyclable paper.


Choose from three sizes - Classic, Generous or Magnificent. 

Classic is delivered out of water, arranged and ready to go into your own vase

Generous & Magnificent sizes are delivered gift wrapped and arranged in a reusable glass vase.

Grace Bouquet

PriceFrom £35.00
  • To ensure your flowers look their best, please keep away from direct sunlight, heat sources and fruit bowls!

    Keep the water topped up, and change for fresh water every other day.

    Some flowers will naturally last longer than others: to prolong your floral display, simply remove blooms as they go over, and enjoy the rest!